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We always provide the most competitive rates, combined with expert guidance and take care of the entire loan process for you.

We do our best to understand your financial situation, and a solution that is tailored to meet your needs. Not knowing that there are other financial services that is better suited for them and can provide more value is among the biggest mistakes that a person often make. That’s because they only consider the bank that they have always been with.

We can to make sure that the loan you get is the most competitive one that is currently available on the market, and that you can save money on your home or investment loans. We fully commit ourselves to you, and be with you each step of the way.

If you want a personal service, that is friendly and committed - look no further.

Let us do all the work for you.

We, at Mortgage Brokers Launceston, love to help first time home buyers secure their first property purchase. We understand how it feels to be nervous and not have much information on-hand. We’ll be explaining to you how ‘First Home Owner Grant’ works, and be it can benefit you.

Our goal is to make the entire process easier, as we work with you and provide you guidance, every step of the way. See how we can be of service to you by giving us a call and speaking to our consultants.

Why Choose Us?

That means that the onus is on us to find the most competitive and most valuable loan option that is currently available. The best thing is – if a better solution is available in the next 12 to 24 months, we’ll let you know and provide.

With the premium service you will get you are also given access to available loan options, and made sure that we provide you with the strategies that are most up-to-date and is relevant in the current financial environment. Finding the most competitive and valuable loan option currently available is going to be our job. And in the next 12-24 months, if a better solution becomes available you’ll be updated and given the best options to how you can best take advantage any new opportunity, in an ever-changing market.

Our openness and authenticity is among our best attributes, and it’s our goal to find the right loan for you and your family. We want to make sure that your experiences are personalized, and that we really get to know you, and work together with you.

That means you can contact us 24/7, as we always make ourselves constantly available so that we can help cater to your every need, and to answer whatever questions you may have. Our clients will be treated as part of one big family, as a way of making sure that we build a long-lasting relationship that goes beyond a “transaction”.

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You don’t need to ask yourself “Who is the best mortgage broker near me” anymore.

We are a reliable, honest, and experienced enough team, which you’ll soon find out, that can handle your financial needs. We want to be the place you go to for anything that is related to your home loans and other financial services, so you can trust us to look after everything for you. We will be there to support you, and work with you for us to achieve your long term goals.

You have everything to gain from this partnership!

We offer a full range of financial services

Relocation loans

Refinance your home loan

Looking to refinance your home loan? Well look no further. We know the process back to front, and understand that for many people – the prospect of refinancing doesn’t sound too compelling at times, considering the effort required.

No need to worry, because with Mortgage Brokers Launceston, we’ve got the expertise, technology and the channels to be able to process your refinancing applications with absolute ease and efficiency.

Before even making a start, we conduct a preliminary assessment to make sure that you’re better off than what you’re currently receiving with respect to your current loan package. This is to make sure that you will benefit.

Reasons to REFINANCE

It is easy to refinance with Mortgage Brokers Launceston through our online process which is simplified and streamlined to make sure that the application swiftly and quickly goes through.

Your current loan will be compared with other loan options, and if there are ones that are similar but have lower interests rates, you’ll be updated.

We will be checking on your portfolio to understand how much equity from your property we can unlock and utilise. We can use these existing equity to fund your investments, or upcoming projects that require cash flow.

You’ll be able to understand the reason for your debts, such as your personal and credit card loans, we’ll be combining them into your mortgage to keep everything simple and easy.

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1. Call us or fill in the quote form

For us to know you better, and have a deeper level of understanding on how we can be of service to you, we will talk with you and discuss about your current financial status. We will be asking you several questions, and be there to assist you in finding the best strategy possible to achieve your financial goal. Everything that you get from is, 100% based on your preferences, because we understand that we are all unique. We will be giving you a breakdown of how the process, and the market works, together with what the current financial environment is like. You’ll know about loan instruments, and how they work, the different types of said instruments of loan products and the effect they will have on you. Even just explaining how interest rates work, or the difference between an 'interest only' loan versus a 'principal and interest' loan, foundational understanding is, as we believe, extremely important, and invaluable in life.

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2. The process - arranging a pre-approved loan

Upon full understanding of your current financial status, goals, and what you want to do, we’ll begin outlining and formulating the best strategy that best suit you. One of the best ways for you to have peace of mind when looking into making your investment purchase, such as for a new home. is to arrange a pre-approved loan. You’re not only given the ability to quickly make an offer for any property you are interested in, you are also given a clear indication of your spending limits. The process of pre-approval is quick, allowing you to look around as soon as possible, not losing time. You’ll be given an A-Z breakdown of exactly what everything entails, like the interest rates, monthly repayment costs and alternatives you can consider. We will be explaining to things matters such as 'fixed' vs 'variable' interest rates and the different packaged deals available in comparison to simple loan offerings. If your long term goal is, for example, keenly investing in property and as an investor you want to scale your portfolio, we'll discuss the pros and cons of the banks that you should partner with (i.e. small lenders vs big lenders, as well as their capabilities and likelihood of allowing you to borrow more. Only looking for the bank that provides you the lowest interest rate, without considering their lending capability in the long term is a big mistake often made. Because there are banks that will not let you leverage yourself and borrow more, so therefore it's always important to consider all options for the long term.

3. We will then help get your loan approved and settled, while you relax

Upon getting your approval for your loan and upon receipt of the requisite documentation, we will be communicating with the bank and give you updates along the way. And give or take 1-2 weeks, the settlement will be finalised. We can then form comparisons with other lenders, and therefore be able to negotiate on your behalf with the current lender to, or seek to refinance. The settlement of your loan is not the end of your partnership with Mortgage Brokers Launceston. For the duration of the loan’s life we will continuously look after our clients, and answer any questions. Furthermore, every year, your loan is reviewed and made sure that you are receiving the best loan package available. We can then compare with other lenders, and be there to negotiate with your current lender on your behalf, for us to identify whether we can secure a lower rate for your loan package, or look into refinancing with another institution only where you clearly have an advantage.

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Home loans

Mortgage Brokers Launceston team are experts of the industry in educating clients and providing assistance on looking for the best home loan package. We understand how stressful the entire process involved in the purchase of a property. Not only do you have to choose the right location, but also the best financing options, the paperwork involved, plus the process itself is time consuming.

We know that the entire process may look daunting, especially as first time home buyers. We will make sure that the right home loan in Launceston is found with aid of assessing your financial health, and your financial goals. This is our way of understanding the best value package that will best suit you. We will be assisting you throughout the process of obtaining a pre-approval, in order for you to have the ability to enter contract negotiations for the property you’re looking to purchase. The entire loan application will also be completed by us, on your behalf, and have you fully updated throughout the whole process, from beginning to end.

We can facilitate the application for the First Home Owner Grant for you, if you are a first home buyer, and guide you through the qualification process.

Investment loans

If you’re in search for an Investment Property Loan, we can surely find you the best loan package currently available, because we know exactly the best deals on offer. We will be discussing with you the appropriate loan structure and the interest option. A strategy to minimise any potential lender’s mortgage insurance (LMI) will be employed for your investment strategy and expected returns.

To make sure that what you’re receiving are the best deals possible, we’ll help you review your entire property portfolio, and negotiate with the banks on your end. We’ll work with you based on your own convenience, and help in the identification of the most competitive and value for money loan products from the extensive selection of available lenders. We’ll assist you in the management of your deadlines, and the valuations of your property and their settlement dates.

And we did mention that this is done without any expenses incurred on your end? Isn’t that great?

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Renovation loans

Home renovations are not exactly cheap, especially for properties that need quite a lot of structural work, and requires a lot of additional capital. These activities can be funded, and you have many options that you must consider, to make sure that the cash flow in hand is enough for all your financial obligations in totality.

You have different choices available, and mainly they would involve the payment out of your own pocket using your own savings, or to utilise an equity if you have enough built up from your existing property.

Construction loans

It is always an exciting prospect to build your own home or investment property. But what’s quite complicated and costly is the management of your costs and expenses in respect to building and construction costs. A construction loan can easily take care of the finances for your home construction, but it is not easy to be secured.

A construction loan, when utilised, can offer flexibility with special construction conditions. Your loan can be drawn down either in instalments or in chunks (called ‘progressive draw downs’), for payment to be received at different stages of your construction project. Oftentimes, this is done by people because most of the time, you won’t need all the cash up front, but in stages. You will have a predetermined loan amount, construed by the financial institutions from which these instalments. Its advantage is the payment of the interest, only, on the amounts you draw from the loan facility.

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Commercial loans

There are many different lenders and financial institutions that support commercial financing, so you can have a working capital for capital funding ventures. . Our Finance Brokers Launceston are more than capable of helping you achieve your investment strategy for sourcing the right type of borrowed capital that is suited for you. So whether or not what you need is short term or long term commercial finance, we’ll be able to source the best value debt, to fund your next business venture or project.

Car loans

It is not easy for your dream vehicle to be purchased. That’s why Mortgage Brokers Launceston will help source the best value car loan for you, to help ease your cash flow without the need to front the cash, all at once. This helps you in planning out your monthly expenditure, and budget accordingly.

We will create a strategy that will suit you and your needs once we find the right lender and loan package for you, so you can get behind the wheel of that car you have always dreamed.

Not located in the Launceston? No worries - we can serve anyone nationally with ease.

We service all areas of Launceston.

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Approved Launceston Mortgage Brokerage Service

Let Mortgage Brokers Launceston do all the taxing work for you. For us to source the right loan product for you, and end to end solution is delivered, to help in the achievement of your long-term financial goals. We commit ourselves to be with you, every step of the way, and sometimes, beyond. We want to make sure that our clients are fully satisfied by their experience with us, and ensure that we have met every single criterion, to the highest standard. Helping and educating are among the things we love, and what we do best. We have several years of experience, where the right financial strategy is carefully constructed, and one that is unique to you and your financial requirements and needs. It means that our works begins from scratch put together, carefully, and procure the right loan strategy, exactly for you. 

The approval of your loan does not mean the end of our journey, but rather, it’s the beginning. We will always remain in contact with you, have everything reviewed in a timely manner, and reconnect and strategize if need be. It only makes sense that you speak to a qualified and licensed professional, especially with our access to the best deals on the market, who not only will provide you access to amazing deals but also to take care of the paper work for you in an efficient and seamless manner. 

We’ll be your representative, and have things put together for you, and you can focus your time and energy on other things without worrying.

Call today.

Making financial decisions are often accompanied by headaches and stress. Our main goal is for you to be provided with a complete peace of mind, and be by your side all the time, ensuring that the financial services and value possible you received are the best. Allow Mortgage Brokers Launceston look after you.

Our only goal is for our clients to be provided exceptional customer service. Not only do we want to deliver the highest quality of work, we also want to leave our clients with new knowledge, and the confidence that they are very well looked after. We will be listening to the things that you need, and a complete and transparent service be provided, so you’re always aware of what is happening.

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