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Home renovations, despite being highly spoken about, are always stressful to think about. It is a crucial part in completing a successful home renovation project, headache-free that you find the best way to fund a home renovation. A few options you may have in financing home renovations is either to pay using your own savings, or a built-up equity from your existing property, or secure additional funds through a lender.

For you not to incur any additional debt, you may consider using your own savings or existing funds kept in your loan offset or redraw facilities, and it is a much more straight forward option. So it is best for you to know and understand what the effects are in using funds in your offset account, or redraw facility, on your current loan in the long term, because your interest expenses will increase, and the time taken in repaying the loan.

Increasing your loan size and having these funds placed into your offset account is another way that you can consider where you borrow additional capital through your existing property’s equity. You are allowed to save additional interest, and for you to incur your expenses.

Make sure you consult a professional if you want to refinance your loan as its also similar commitment in replacing your existing home loan, so you need a professional’s opinion in respect to the financial implications. We have an excellent, experienced team to help with renovation projects, and you can be confident that we can provide the best strategy based on your financial health and outlook.

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